Will a professional stylist make your home sell for more?

When selling a property vendors are always looking for the best way to present it, the better it looks the more desirable it is and hopefully, the more people will be prepared to pay for it.

There are plenty of myths and wives tales about tricks you can use to get your property looking its best. The old trick of baking fresh bread to get lovely smells through the house might only influence the most naïve of home buyer.

According to the plethora of television real estate shows, it’s a winning move to pay professionals to style your home before you put it up for sale to get it looking its best.

But will the extra money you get from eager buyers who fall in love with the look of your professionally styled pad cover and exceed the cost of said professionals?

A recent survey says it does, and by as much as five per cent which for an average priced property could mean an extra $30,000 in your bank account. 

The survey came from LJ Hooker and it asked the company’s top estate agents whether they thought styling could add 5 per cent to a property’s sale price – and more than half believed it did.

Nearly all of the respondents from LJ Hooker thought styling increased the sale price at least a bit, and that it helped achieve a quicker sale, and 88 per cent thought it would bring in more offers or more bidders on auction day. 

LJ Hooker Queensland state manager Paul Moore told News.com that one of the biggest mistakes sellers make when trying to sell their property was not cleaning it up properly.

Cluttered kitchen benches and pet food bowls and accessories were a couple of the biggest things potential buyers noticed.


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