Today’s renters are tech savvy and want quick access

Forget walk-in robes and fancy kitchen appliances, today’s tech savvy renters want multiple power plugs and to be able to get great internet and mobile phone access.

A new report has found three out of every ten renters in Australia are renting by choice and one of the biggest things they are looking for when searching for a rental is easy internet and mobile access.

The report was undertaken by McCrindle Research on behalf of telecommunication company Optus, called Optus’ Renter of the Future report, and it found that those who chose to rent instead of buy were noticeably savvier when it came to technology.

Property investors will be interested in the findings of the report that looked at the main things renters were looking for when searching for a rental to live in, to help them make their investment property attractive to renters.

The research found that renters ranked the following features as most important;

Good parking – 38%

Pet friendly – 31%

Cable internet access – 31%

Good mobile reception – 25%

Number of power points in home – 22%

Mark McCrindle from McCrindle Research told how important technology had become in the mind of renters.

“Renters comprise nearly a third of Australian households. For the modern Aussie renter technology underpins and has become completely fused with their lifestyle,” he said.

“This group is among the first to jump onto new technologies, keeping abreast of the latest trends and, where possible, the latest devices.”

“Accessing the internet quickly from their new rental property is a must for them.”


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