The most common property search terms for buyers

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When prospective home-buyers are looking for a property to buy, what is the most common feature they are looking for?

Having a look at the top ten search terms home-buyers punch in when looking for a home can give an insight into what is front of mind of most buyers in the market.

According to key word searches entered in on the most sought-after property in Australia has four bedroooms, two bathrooms, double garage on a 670 square-meter block and costs $680,000.

As for features, a swimming pool was the most common entered into search data followed by being on a waterfront, which is a good reflection of our outdoor lifestyle and hot climate.

Interestingly, Melbourne was the only city to include a development-related term in their top ten searches, with STCA (subject to council approval) making our list.

Melbourne as a whole had common search terms that add to up a brick warehouse with a courtyard, parking and council approval for redevelopment.

The top searches on for the whole country are:




Granny flat





Water views

Dual living


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