The Federal Government set to announce home renovation cash grants

The Federal Government is considering a COVID recovery plan to boost the home renovation industry.

A cash grants scheme is being considered that would attempt to stimulate the home building industry and specifically home renovations.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison spoke to Radio 2GB about the proposal.

“We are more interested in the larger projects and new home builds and things like that,” he said.

“We are looking at a bit of drop off in that current home building that’s going on.”

“That’s not good for tradies and not good for jobs.”

Mr Morrison said the plan was designed to help local tradespeople rather than the bigger major contractors.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said an announcement would be made in the coming days and wants to assist the long supply chain that makes up the building industry.

“It’s not just the sparky and the plumber and the carpenter on the building site, it’s also the timber mill,” he told Nine News.

“It’s also the appliance manufacturer for the new kitchen. It’s also those who help with the materials that go into the bathroom.”

“If you offer a free grant for the price of say $5,000, then normally what happens is the cost of whatever you’re providing the grant for goes up by $5,000.”

The Federal Government’s infrastructure stimulus package is set to be announced later this week.


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