The cheapest rental suburbs in Melbourne within 10kms of the CBD

Renters and property investors are always interested in Melbourne suburbs where rental prices provide great value for money.

Melbourne’s median rent right now sits at $458 a week, so what are the ten cheapest Melbourne suburbs to rent in that are still within 10 kilometres of the CBD?

Gardenvale ($295/wk)

According to Gardenvale is Melbourne’s cheapest suburb to rent in that’s still close to the CBD.

Gardenvale has the added advantage of being close to the beach and takes only half an hour by train to get to from Flinders Street.

West Footscray ($320/wk)

A median rent price of around $320 a week is a great deal for this exciting area that you can reach in less than half an hour on the Tottenham line.

The inner west has been getting its groove on in recent years and is a high-demand location for families and hipsters alike.

Kingsville ($330/wk)

Another bargain rental area for the gentrifying inner west. An exciting and vibrant area.

Bellfield ($350/wk)

Bellfield is 9kms from the city on the Hurstbridge train line and is close to Latrobe University and the Austin Hospital, big selling points for just $350 a week in rent.

Brunswick West ($350/wk)

One of Melbourne’s new gentrified hip suburbs, its old reputation has seen its median rent price stay low.

Brunswick West is just 6kms from the CBD.

Fairfield ($350/wk)

Coming in at the same median rent price as Brunswick West, Fairfield is also just 6kms from the city.

Fairfield is a leafy suburb offering a family lifestyle and sits on the Hurstbridge train line.

Footscray ($350/wk)

Footscray is on the forefront of the rising inner west. You’ll be able to hop on the Sunbury line and be in the city in just 20 minutes from Footscray while enjoying the cosmopolitan and vibrant lifestyle it offers. All for $350 a week.

South Kingsville ($350/wk)

Right next to Footscray, South Kingsville also offers an inner west lifestyle for $350 a week.

Essendon ($360/wk)

Essendon is a great place for families with a wide range of facilities such as schools, parks, cafes and amenities.

Serviced by both train and tram lines, the suburb also has a wide range of different dwelling types.

Ripponlea ($375/wk)

Coming in number ten on the list is the suburb of Ripponlea, just set back further inland from the expensive coastal suburbs of St Kilda and Elwood.

Suitable for both young professionals and families, Ripponlea is half an hour from the CBD on the Sandringham line and boasts cool shops, cafes and close proximity to the beach.


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