Rentvesters’ are an emerging sector of the property market

Young property buyers are ‘rentvesting’ to beat the housing affordability crisis by renting where they want to live and buying where they can actually afford.

The trend will no doubt become increasingly popular among young and first-home buyers as house prices in Melbourne continue to rise.

A new report from Westpac has found the rentvestors are already an established category of property buyer in Sydney, where prices have long been out of touch for many buyers.

Westpac’s Lauren Fine told rentvesting had arisen in response to soaring house prices, and it was especially popular with young men.

“Many young Australians are looking at savvy ways to get into the property market, showing that there’s still clear aspiration for home ownership while maintaining their lifestyle,” she said.

“Rentvesting presents choice and flexibility, whether these homeowners live with parents or rent in a location that’s suitable to them, their needs and lifestyle.”

“From our research we can tell men – not just those who are rentvesting – are often more open to having a diversified investment plan.” has put together a quick summary of the pros and cons of rentvesting for those thinking of the idea.


Enter the property market sooner

Live the lifestyle you want

Build wealth and an investment portfolio

Save for a dream home later down the track

Enjoy the flexibility of renting

Investment property tax benefits

Choosing where to invest which may be a better option for capital growth than where you want to live


Buying an investment before your own home feels counter-intuitive

Dead rent money

You don’t own your own home

You can’t change you own home


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