Investors to benefit from bank price wars

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Property investors and high net worth individuals are benefitting most from the mortgage price war being waged by lenders at present. 

A poll of LoanMarket mortgage brokers has found that 29% of brokers believe that investors had been the major winners from increased bank price competition.

“Banks are certainly looking at investors as an attractive borrower with established equity,” said LoanMarket COO Dean Rushton. 

Even so, the survey highlighted high net worth clients as the major winners, with 48% of the 250 brokers who responded thinking high net worth clients had been offered the best deals. 

The current price war between the major banks may have the perception of helping all customers equally, the reality is that the greatest opportunities exist for clients who have a high net worth,” added Rushton. “There is no question that those who borrow more have more room to negotiate on their rates.” 

A further 20% of respondents said first home buyers were the biggest beneficiaries. Still, it seems mortgage holders are firmly in the driving seat as lenders compete for business: a separate Mortgage Choice survey has revealed that nearly half of all new home loans taken out via its franchisees in September were discounted variable rate mortgages.


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