Getting speedy council approval for home renovations

Renovating your house can mean you’ll need council approval for the changes. Unless it goes smoothly it can cost you valuable time and money, getting knocked back from your plans will mean a potentially costly redesign and resubmit. Here’s a few ways you can speed things up.

1. Get an architect who knows the area 

Using someone who has experience in the area means they’ll have a much better understanding of what can and can’t be done.

2. Don’t push too hard

If your renovation complies with certain criteria it may qualify for a fast-track approval process (Complying Development Certificate). If you go for the full Development Application, the more the challenge the planning laws, the more delays you will have. You need to work out the pros and cons of spending extra time pushing the laws. 

3. Book a pre-DA meeting 

Before actually submitting plans, you can often have a pre-development application meeting where they are reviewed by the council’s planners. It doesn’t cost a lot and it improves the likelihood of the plans getting passed by council. 

4. Talk to your neighbours 

See if your neighbours have any objections upfront. It’s better to know of any issues first up instead of having to start over eight weeks later when you find out they object. 

5. Complete all documents 

Leaving some documents out or not filled in can stall the approval process unnecessarily. 

6. Invest in a town planner 

If you’re thinking about really pushing the envelope with your renovation, it might be wise to spend some money and time on a town planner. Unlike council planners, town planners are independent and can work with you to strategically give your project the best chance of being approved.


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