End of year property sales an opportunity for buyers


Akin to an ‘end of year sale’, a property expert from Channel 9’s The Block says this can be a great time of year to snap up a bargain.

With a flood of homes going to auction each weekend as vendors try to sell before Christmas, it gives buyers the opportunity to take advantage before the holiday season starts.

Advantage Property Consulting and regular expert on The Block Frank Valentic told News.com that the last few weeks of the year are prime buying time.

“The numbers are in favour of buyers now,” he said.

“There are double the auctions there were in winter but there’s not suddenly double the buyers.”

“At this time of year, particularly leading up to Christmas, some vendors are getting very keen to be done and dusted. They don’t want the stress after Christmas.”

“They want to get a deal done this side of Christmas and go off on holidays and not worry about inspections and cleaning the house,” he told News.com.

Wakelin Property Advisory’s Jarrod McCabe also thinks this time of year is interesting for buyers, but added properties on the market right before Christmas often weren’t of the same quality as in weeks prior.

“Many vendors are in a position where they need to sell quickly, because they’ve already bought a new home, for example, and need to settle, or simply because they want everything finalised by Christmas,” he told News.com.

“So there could be some interesting buying opportunities over the next few weeks.”

“Think of it as an end of year sale – there might be bargains to be had, but properties that met all your criteria will be rare.”

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a player when it comes to end of year sales and Christmas bargains, this could be the time of year for you to pick up a great property deal from someone who’s desperate to sell before Santa comes sliding down the chimney.


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