Cameron Perry is MPA’s Top Commercial Broker of 2022

Mortgage Professional Australia has announced that Perry Finance Director and Melbourne Finance & Equity Group CEO Cameron Perry is one of MPA’s Top Ranked Commercial Brokers of 2022.

In a rapidly changing environment, Perry has proven to be quick in adapting to the new post-pandemic landscape. With interest rates rising for the first time in nearly a decade, Perry believes a good broker can add a lot of value in this environment.

“We didn’t need to have those conversations recently, but I think moving forward, [rising interest rates] will become a factor again in commercial property,” he said. “Clients will really have to think about what happens if rates go up by two or three per cent, and what that means for their investment, and how can they hedge against that.”

Perry Finance mainly centres around commercial property loans, development finance and some residential loans. However, commercial property lines and SMEs are Perry Finance’s niche.

According to Perry, late 2021 saw a significant rise in commercial investment as Melbourne emerged from lockdowns. This pent-up demand for land transactions, land acquisitions and subdivisions saw Perry Finance funding a lot of exciting new projects.

Despite the logistical setbacks of navigating on-site inspections, physically signing documents, remote lawyer interactions and tech transitions in the wake of COVID, Perry Finance’s ability to draw on a range of lenders for certain niches across the spectrum was a major asset.

A clear uptick in repeat business confirmed for Perry that customers value the firm’s service, and trust his team. This is paramount in an environment where banks and other parties involved in loans are still adjusting to new norms. In regards to these changing tides, Perry’s outlook is positive:

“Whenever there’s change, it obviously brings challenges – but it always, always also brings opportunities.”

Cameron Perry’s MPA Top Ranked Commercial Broker of 2022 Award was announced on May 19.

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