Business lending is on the up as post-pandemic confidence rises

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Demand for small business lending is on the up as businesses emerge from the pandemic feeling resilient, confident and with big plans for 2022.

Research from RFi Group in conjunction with Prospa lending indicates commercial financing is surging not just in Melbourne, but across Australia.

Prospa is a fintech lender and national sales manager Roberto Sanz spoke to Broker News.

“The research found that one in every three Australian small businesses is looking to get funds in the next six to 12 months to cover asset and equipment purchases and to fund digital transformation or additional inventory as they emerge from lockdown,” he said.

Not only that, but the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that the actual number of businesses in Australia has also increased by 3.8 per cent in 2020-21 and that’s the biggest jump in three years.

Getting access to funds is often vital for small-to-medium enterprises to make the most of business opportunities when they arise and brokers are there to give them what they need.

“With business confidence increasing and demand for funds on an upward trajectory as business owners prepare to put their plans into action, now is the time to act,” Mr Sanz told Broker News.

Just starting a conversation can be the first step for a business to open the door to the broking business model – talking about plans for the next year and how you are currently funding your business is a great place to start.

“Prospa supports partners with a suite of flexible products designed for the needs of small business, plus direct access to credit teams, white label marketing to help grow their business, and a business team which is on hand to discuss scenarios and options,” Mr Sanz said as he explained what he can do for his clients.

If you are looking at using a broker to fund your business growth this year, contact the team at Perry Finance today.







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