10 ways to cut moving costs


Hiring a removalist can save your back and your sanity (as well as a few friendships), but it’s not without cost. To cut down on the final bill consider these tips:

1 Get a full quote, including a breakdown of the costs – see if there are any services being provided by the company that you can do yourself. You should request a free no-obligation moving estimate from more than one company. Also seek professional moving companies that belong to the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA).

2 Boxes – Plastic cartons are expensive. You can get cardboard boxes for free from liquor and grocery stores. Alternatively, there is an environmentally-friendly option for people moving in the Melbourne area – Eco Move will drop off and pick up plastic moving cartons. Prices start at $50. (www.ecomove.com.au) 

3 Downsize – Only move the necessities. If you don’t love it or are planning to upgrade the couches, bed or desk within a year, then consider selling your goods on eBay or Gumtree. Not only will you save the costs of moving these items, but you might earn some extra cash to put towards the cost of moving. 

4 Pack it yourself – The cost of a full pack job can equal the cost of moving your boxes. You’ll save a bundle by doing it yourself 

5 Easy access – put packed boxes in one room that is easy for movers to access. As well, make sure the moving truck has a space in front of your property to park. 

6 Labels – Writing labels on boxes will save your movers time (and you money) when it comes to unloading the truck. As well, draw up a floor plan of where you want your furniture to go in the new property. 

7 Move delicate items yourself – pack and move fragile or special items yourself, as well as electronics such as televisions and computers as these items require special packing and protection 

8 Disconnect and drain – Ensure large appliances such as washers, dryers and refrigerators are unplugged and ready to go. A special note about washing machines – about a litre of water remains in your washer. To drain it out lay the hose flat on the floor and let the water trickle out over a drain. Also make sure you empty the fuel from your lawn mower and brush cutter. 

9 Take furniture apart – disassemble beds and take the feet off couches before movers arrive and put it together on the other end.

10 Cash is king – Having cash on hand to pay the removalists will save you in credit card fees and surcharges.


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