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When you’re looking for competitive owner-occupied home loan rates, where do you start?

Above all, you’ll need to find an owner-occupied home loan that suits your unique circumstances. Once you understand the different options available to you, finding a good home loan might be easier than you think!

What Are Home Loans?

Residential (owner-occupied) home loans are issued by lenders to people who want to buy a home and have a deposit, but don’t have enough money for the full purchase. The lender also charges interest on the amount you owe, and the loan is paid back in regular instalments. Typically, these repayments are made fortnightly or monthly over a period of 25 to 30 years.

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Why Choose Perry Finance for Your Owner Occupied Home Loan?

When you’re after a competitive home loan for a residential property, Perry Finance will work with you to find the best loan options for your dream home. There is no “one size fits all” approach. Our personalised service is tailored to match your particular circumstances and financial situation with flexible loan choices and competitive rates. We collaborate with a diverse range of lenders to secure the best possible deal for you. Our experienced team will help make the entire process as stress-free as possible!

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Our Owner Occupied Home Loan Options

At Perry Finance, we provide different types of owner-occupied home loan services to choose from. You’ll need to decide whether your residential home loan rates are going to be fixed, variable or split. Our commitment is to collaborate closely with you to ensure that you secure the most suitable interest rate that aligns with your individual requirements.

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A variable interest rate for an owner-occupied home loan means that the rate can change at any time, depending on your lender and the RBA. So, your minimum repayment amount will drop when the rates go down but will increase when rates go up.

A benefit of variable-rate loans is their flexibility. They generally come with various features, such as letting you pay off your loan more quickly with additional repayments. And you can redraw these additional funds later on if you need to.

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A fixed rate owner-occupied home loan has both the interest rate and repayments locked in for an agreed-upon period. At the end of this period, you might be able to fix your rate for another period, which can vary from one to five years.

This type of loan can give you peace of mind because you’ll know exactly what your repayments will be and can budget accordingly. However, you won’t benefit whenever interest rates fall.

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This type of loan can give you the best of both worlds. It involves splitting your home loan into two different parts. One part has a fixed interest rate, while the other part is variable.

Typically, you make separate repayments for each part. So you can make extra payments on the variable rate portion without incurring any penalties. And the fixed rate portion gives you some reliability with its fixed repayments.

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Whether you’re an Australian citizen currently living overseas or a foreign citizen residing in Australia on a temporary visa, you might qualify for a non-resident home loan.

These loans are a bit more complex than a typical loan application, but our experienced brokers at Perry Finance will help you navigate these to find your ideal mortgage solution. For example, an Australian citizen living overseas might benefit from an owner-occupied home loan, which is interest-only until their return.

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The Perry Finance Owner Occupied Home Loan Process

Here is our owner-occupied home loan process, from application to settlement:

  •  Tell us what you need and want during a short interview.
  • We’ll book an appointment for you to see one of our advisers.
  • We’ll assess your borrowing capacity.
  • Then we’ll send you our recommendations for loan products and structuring recommendations that suit your situation and requirements.
  • You confirm with us that you’re happy to proceed, and we’ll submit your loan for processing.
  • We’ll keep you updated during the loan process.
  • After your loan settles, we’ll help to ensure your loan set-up is as hassle-free as possible.

Our Easy 7 step application process

Step 1:

Tell us a bit about what you need – we conduct a short interview to find out a bit more about how we can help you.

Step 2:

Book an appointment to see an adviser – one of our professional staff will make a time to see you.

Step 3:

We will make an assessment of your borrowing capacity and provide with a funding table showing your current borrowing position.

Step 4:

We will make loan product and structuring recommendations and send them to you.

Step 5:

You confirm with us you are happy to proceed and we submit your loan for processing. We’ll let you know what documents we need, make sure you provide all of them to avoid any unnecessary delays.

Step 6:

Your loan settles, but we don’t stop there, we’ll work with you to make sure your new loan set up is as hassle-free as possible.

Step 7:

We will make an assessment of your borrowing capacity and provide with a funding table showing your current borrowing position.

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Use our borrowing power calculator to determine your loan eligibility. Contact the Perry Finance Team for personalized loan options.


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A home loan comparison rate is a rate that includes the interest rate plus other costs associated with a home loan, expressed as a percentage. The comparison rate is designed to give you a better idea of the true cost of a home loan so that you can make an informed decision about which loan is right for you.

In this blog post, we’ll break down the process of getting a home loan comparison rate in Australia so that you know exactly what to expect.


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