Investment Home Loans

You’ve done your research and found a property that matches your investment strategy. Now all you’ve got to do is find the right home loan for your investment property.

Tailored investment lending advice for Investment Home Loans

Effective debt structuring is crucial for home buyers and property investors. At Perry Finance our expertise in financial analysis and property investor loans enables us to provide tailored investment lending advice, based on your individual circumstances and goals.

We specialise in assisting property investors and high net worth individuals to secure smart investments, based on a sound knowledge of the real estate and development sectors. We act as a conduit to a vast array of reputable bank and non-bank lenders. This equips us with the flexibility to explore options and secure the best possible terms and rates for our clients.

Perry Finance has established a robust track record for managing complex borrowing structures and scenarios. Our investment lending experts work closely with you every step of the way. This allows us to streamline the process by eliminating any ambiguity around required documentation and transaction cost/timeframes.

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Why Choose Perry Finance for Your Investment Home Loan?

For your investment to succeed, you need to find competitive interest rates for your investment home loan but it’s not just about the rate, you also need to get your structuring right and ensure you can borrow what you need.. Our expert team at Perry Finance will work with you to find the best loan options to suit your strategy and walk you through every step of this process.

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Our Investment Home Loan Options

It’s important to pick the right type of loan to suit your investment strategy, whether it’s variable interest rate, fixed rate, interest-only or principal and interest.

Variable interest rates for your investment home loan mean that the rate can change at any time, depending on your lender. So, your minimum repayment amount will drop when the rates go down but will increase when rates go up.

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The benefit of fixed-rate investment home loans is that both the interest rate and repayments are locked in for an agreed-upon period. This helps you to budget because you’ll know exactly what your repayments will be. 

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An interest-only loan means that your repayments only service the interest, without reducing the principal (amount borrowed) in any way. These loans are usually for a set period, ranging from one to five years.

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This type of loan means that your repayments pay off both the principal (amount borrowed) and the interest. So the repayment amounts will be higher than an interest-only loan.

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Investment Property Tips and Guide

  1. Find a good location close to shops, schools and public transport. Pick the right suburb in terms of rental yield and vacancy rates.
  2. How to calculate equity: If your property is valued at $900,000, and your outstanding loan balance is $450,000, you have $450,000 in equity.
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How to Apply for an Investment Home Loan with Perry Finance

Contact us about your needs, and we’ll book you an appointment. We’ll assess your investment strategy, borrowing capacity and then send you our recommendations for loan products and structuring. When you’re happy to proceed, we’ll submit the loan and help you through each step to settlement.

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Our Easy 7 step application process

Step 1:

Tell us a bit about what you need – we conduct a short interview to find out a bit more about how we can help you.

Step 2:

Book an appointment to see an adviser – one of our professional staff will make a time to see you.

Step 3:

We will make an assessment of your borrowing capacity and provide with a funding table showing your current borrowing position.

Step 4:

We will make loan product and structuring recommendations and send them to you.

Step 5:

You confirm with us you are happy to proceed and we submit your loan for processing. We’ll let you know what documents we need, make sure you provide all of them to avoid any unnecessary delays.

Step 6:

Your loan settles, but we don’t stop there, we’ll work with you to make sure your new loan set up is as hassle-free as possible.

Step 7:

We will make an assessment of your borrowing capacity and provide with a funding table showing your current borrowing position.

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Investment Home Loan FAQS

It’s a challenging environment for property investors – prices are falling, rates are rising, rental property is in oversupply and auction clearance rates are low.

If you are taking on these headwinds as an investor, do you have a strategy in place to prepare?

The Australian Financial Review’s Duncan Hughes has put together an excellent checklist of your options to review your finances and lower costs and stay ahead of the game.


If your aim is to invest in properties, you might want to contemplate a loan option different from that of an owner occupier. When seeking approval for an investor home loan, the two primary choices available to you are “interest-only loans” and “principal and interest home loans”.


If you’re planning to increase your property holdings, it’s likely that you require an investment home loan. The question is, what amount of down payment is necessary for purchasing an investment property? We’ll answer this and related questions in the points below. But first thing’s first…


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