Commercial Property Renovation Loans

What is a Commercial Property Renovation Loan?

Commercial property renovation loans are a specific type of loan that aims to improve the profitability of your commercial property by renovating and upgrading it. At Perry Finance, we listen to your needs and assess your borrowing capacity, after which we provide you with a tailored loan product that meets your requirements.

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If you want a better return on your investment – in the long term – you should consider financing for the renovation of your commercial property. Modernizing and refurbishing your commercial property spaces, including structural changes, can significantly enhance your property’s market value. 

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While your accountant can explain the nitty-gritty details to you, there are definite financial perks when you take out a commercial property loan for renovations. For starters, any interest you pay for your renovation loan is usually tax-deductible. And depending on your strategy, this loan could also be negatively geared (check with your accountant).

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Would you like to attract premium tenants? Or would you like to split the spaces in your commercial property even further so that you can house extra tenants? Either way, getting a commercial renovation loan can lead to increased rental income and profitability.

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Why Should You Take On a Commercial Property Renovation Loan?

It might sound like a cliche, but sometimes you’ve got to spend money to make money. Getting a renovation loan to upgrade your commercial property will make it more desirable for potential tenants and future buyers. 
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Why Choose Perry Finance for Your Commercial Property Renovation Loan?

Are you searching for a loan with competitive rates, flexible payment terms, expert guidance, and a fast approval process? Look no further than Perry Finance. We offer all of these features and more, making us the ideal choice for all commercial property renovation loans.

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Our brokers at Perry Finance have access to a wide range of lenders. This means that we can source the most competitive interest rates in the industry for your commercial renovation financing. If you need to balance between cost-effectiveness and flexibility, we’ll provide you with options that suit your needs.

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The flexibility of your commercial renovation loan product is worth some serious attention. Do you need a redraw facility? Set up multiple offset accounts? Change repayments? Our brokers at Perry Finance will help you find the right loan structure for your needs without hidden fees and penalties.

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With two decades of experience in the finance industry, Perry Finance brings a broad product knowledge to find the perfect financial solution for your commercial property renovation loan. And we’ll expertly guide you through every step of the financial process.

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Need quick access to funds for this renovation? We’ll assess your needs, investment strategy, and borrowing capacity. Then, we’ll send you our recommendations for loan products and structuring. When you’re happy to proceed, we’ll submit the loan and help you through each step to settlement.

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