Commercial Property Refinancing Loans

What is Commercial Loan Refinance?

A commercial loan refinance is done when you need to refinance your existing commercial debt. This can take many forms, but a common one is refinancing a commercial property loan. This allows you to leverage the existing equity in your commercial property.

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Are you looking for more competitive refinance rates for your commercial property loan? A lower interest rate can reduce the stress of your weekly and monthly operating costs, and your business can also use the savings for strategic growth and consolidation. 

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What are the benefits of an extended loan term for a business? When you refinance the mortgage on your commercial property, getting an extended term will ease your monthly repayments and aid your cash flow. Another benefit of the longer term is that, because the loan is secured against property, you can usually borrow a more significant amount than a short-term loan.

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A significant advantage when refinancing loans for commercial properties is that it facilitates access to additional funds through equity release. In other words, your previous loan repayments have been building up your equity in the property – and now it’s time to leverage it for other purchases, operating costs or strategic growth!

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Why Should You Refinance Your Commercial Property Loan?

Your strategy plays a crucial role when it comes to refinancing your commercial property loan. Whether you’re looking to generate more cash flow for your operations or aim to reduce your loan repayments by finding a lower interest rate, refinancing can be tailored to suit your needs. It comes with several benefits that you can take advantage of.

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Why Choose Perry Finance for Your Commercial Property Refinancing?

What are the goals for your refinancing? Is it competitive rates? Fast approval process? Flexible payment terms? Expert guidance? At Perry Finance, we provide you with all these and more! Do you have specific goals in mind for refinancing your commercial property loan? Are you looking for competitive rates, a fast approval process, flexible payment terms, or expert guidance?

At Perry Finance, we offer all of these benefits and more. That’s why we’re the best choice for refinancing your commercial property loan. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.

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Every business is different. There’s no “one size fits all” approach. We’ll meet with you and find out your specific needs. Our tailored refinancing solutions based on our understanding of the Australian market will provide flexible loan products and structuring recommendations.

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Our brokers at Perry Finance have access to a wide range of lenders. This means that we can source the most competitive interest rates in the industry to refinance your commercial property mortgage. Lower interest rates can provide savings on a monthly and annual basis and free up your cash flow for other objectives.

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With two decades of experience in the finance industry, Perry Finance brings a broad product knowledge and commitment to helping you find the best options for refinancing a commercial property loan. Our fast approval process will help you get the money you need as soon as possible. We’ll expertly assess your needs, investment strategy, and borrowing capacity. Then, we’ll send you our recommendations for loan products and structuring and help you through each step to settlement.

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