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Property development is a continually evolving industry. It’s vulnerable to sudden shifts in economic climate and marketplace conditions almost overnight. Without the right financial advice from day one, this can drastically affect your project’s profitability. Perry Finance’s knowledgeable Melbourne construction loan brokers can assist.

Development Finance Checklist


Essendon; 16 apartment block – First mortgage loan amount $5.3m LVR 60%

Oakleigh; Construction of 73 apartment development – First mortgage loan amount $22.0m LVR 66%

Preston; Construction of 5 townhouses – First mortgage loan amount $1.64m LVR 65% with mezzanine of $230k

Ringwood; Construction of 4 townhouses – First mortgage loan amount $1.3m LVR 70%

Croydon; Construction of 4 townhouses – First mortgage loan amount $945k LVR 70% with mezzanine of $250k

Bendigo; Land Settlement of $114k LVR 80% then construction of 5 units by first mortgage loan amount $919k LVR 70% with mezzanine of $100k

Why trust Perry Finance with your property development loan needs in Australia?

Our qualified and experienced construction loan brokers stay up to date on emerging developments in the construction finance market – not just in Melbourne, but Australia-wide. Be it domestic economic cycles or fluctuating commodity prices, we understand the fickle nature of an ever-evolving marketplace and how it can impact your development project. We’ll help you navigate these industry upticks and pitfalls in real-time so that together we achieve the best possible outcome.

Our Melbourne brokers secure construction loans for residential, commercial, retail and industrial projects

Perry Finance provides tailored property development finance solutions for the full scope of projects. This includes small-to-medium residential developments right through to multi-million-dollar developments for the commercial sector. Whatever the project, our committed Melbourne construction loan brokers conduct detailed market research. We’ll analyse the offerings available from our panel of reputable bank and non-bank lenders to identify the best property development loan for your requirements.

The benefits of working with our property development finance brokers:

  • Structured finance solutions for your project
  • Suitable funding sourced from our network of development lenders, ranging from major banks to small private lenders
  • Credit submissions prepared on your behalf and funding process managed for you through to settlement
  • Streamlined experience – our brokers help you overcome the challenges of liaising with the big banks, stripping away the complexities of the process


Often projects do not proceed or are held up due to issues with loan financing. We help you meet the challenges of finding funding for property development by ensuring correct debt structuring - vital for maximising profits in any development project. 

Perry Finance can assist with your property finance by:

Providing structured finance solutions for your project


Sourcing suitable funding from our network of development lenders, ranging from major banks to small private lenders

Preparing credit submissions on your behalf and managing the funding process for you to settlement

Does your property development require flexible funding? Perry Finance can provide:

  • Development funding to 70% GRV on projects
  • Land banks for development sites
  • Mezzanine funding
  • Finance for half-completed projects
  • Joint venture funding

Want to know more about our property development finance services?

Our team is here to answer any questions you have about our development finance services, residential mortgagescommercial loans and other funding solutionsTo get help with financing your property development project please call (03) 9900 6227 or fill out our Development Finance Fact Finding Form and return to us at

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