Australia hits its lowest-ever official cash rate
04 November 2020

The Reserve Bank has gone all-in on propping up the economy by cutting the official cash rate to 0.1 per cent – the lowest it has ever been in Australia.

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Australia is already recovering out of recession according to the RBA
28 October 2020

The Reserve Bank says Australia has already started to exit its recession and the lockdowns in Victoria haven’t affected the national economy as much as first feared.

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The sharks are circling Melbourne's COVID-hit inner-city apartments
22 October 2020

Investors are swooping in on the COVID-hit inner-city apartment market as Melbourne begins its slow exit out of restrictions.

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Online auction surge set to be boosted by eased restrictions
21 October 2020

Real estate agents say momentum was already building with online auctions ahead of the expected boost that should come from eased restrictions for on-site sales.

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Inner-city rental prices hardest hit by COVID
16 October 2020

Rents in inner-city Melbourne are struggling under the COVID lockdown but they are performing better in the outer suburbs.

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