Low returns on savings hurting those close to retirement
16 June 2014

The high Australian dollar is making life tough for people with savings deposits.

In a failed attempt to bring the dollar down with low cash rates, the RBA is coming under increasing pressure for its stance on record low interest rates.

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Aussie dollar continues to defy expectations
12 June 2014

Amazingly, the Australian dollar continues to show strength, trading today at a four-week high of 93.74 US cents.

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Your property can still be hot if it passes in at auction
10 June 2014

There are signs Melbourne’s auction and property market may be slowing after a period of strong growth. So what happens when you try to sell your property at auction and it gets passed in?

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Banks offer $1000 cash back as competition for loans heats up
09 June 2014

Bank of Melbourne, St George and BankSA customers can cash in on a new offer of $1000 designed to deepen loyalty ties.

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Agents join petition to rally against underquoting
05 June 2014

A group of prominent real estate agents has launched a petition to rally against the practice of underquoting.

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