Knowing the hidden costs of property buying
12 February 2021

When you’re buying a house there’s the obvious selling price you have to cover, but there’s also a host of hidden costs that are added to the equation.

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Demand at home opens so high some prospective buyers are being turned away at the door
10 February 2021

Ever been turned away from a nightclub door? Of course you have, we all have! Well, now some punters in Melbourne are experiencing that same old feeling just trying to inspect a home open with housing demand experiencing a sharp spike.

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Melbourne's property market is seeing house prices go up while unit prices go down
05 February 2021

Melbourne's property market is becoming a two-speed affair between houses and units.

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The RBA says we may be ringing in the new year in 2025 with interest rates still stuck on 0.1%
03 February 2021

Interest rates are set to stay at the record-low 0.1 per cent for possibly another four-to-five years.

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Melbourne CBD apartment rents are down and office vacancy rates are up
29 January 2021

Inner-city Melbourne apartment rents are in freefall thanks to the COVID-led dearth of tourists and students and an exodus of renters to the suburbs and regions.

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