The importance of zoning in commercial property
21 December 2016

To make your commercial property and business a success, you need to understand and get your zoning right.

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New rules aim to put an end to dingy, airless and windowless apartments
19 December 2016

New standards are in for Victorian apartments to make sure new constructions have enough light, air and storage.

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The US Central Bank has lifted interest rates for just the second time since 2008
16 December 2016

The USA’s central bank has lifted their interest rates for just the second time since the 2008 GFC and some economists say it’s good news for Australia.

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Melbourne's median house price growth set to halve in 2017
15 December 2016

As most pundits are probably aware, Melbourne’s house prices are predicted to slow again next year, with the median house price growth expected to be around half of what it was this year.

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The Turnbull Government looks set to ditch plans for a banking tribunal
07 December 2016

The Government is instead looking to give more power to an ombudsman to look after complaints in the sector.

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