Figures show most investors who negatively gear earn under $80,000
19 April 2017

Despite fears negative gearing is unfairly advantageous to wealthy investors, the Property Council has released figures showing most investors negatively gearing earn less than $80,000.

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Melbourne suburbs with the most house sale listings
12 April 2017

Domain Group has released data showing the Melbourne suburbs with the most properties for sale in March, giving buyers an insight into the areas that have the most choice on offer.

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Melbourne's house prices predicted to fall, then stagnate
11 April 2017

Melbourne’s house prices are set to fall between 2018 and 2020 and then settle into a period of stagnation.

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RBA governor tells banks to continue tightening their lending practices
06 April 2017

Mr Lowe sent a clear message to governments around the country that the best way to deal with the housing affordability crisis in the country was to increase supply and build more dwellings.

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The RBA has left its official cash rate at 1.5%
05 April 2017

The RBA has now kept rates steady since August last year, amid ongoing deterioration of the unemployment rate around the country.

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