Melbourne property market remaining strong despite coronavirus fears
10 March 2020

The coronavirus is all over the news and starting to affect the stock market significantly but it hasn’t made much impact on Melbourne’s property market yet.

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The RBA has cut interest rates to a new record-low 0.5 per cent
04 March 2020

The RBA made the move largely in an attempt to counter the economic damage from the global coronavirus spread and the recent bushfire crisis here at home.

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The Apple Isle is becoming cool and so is their property market
27 February 2020

Hobart’s population is booming thanks to a hipster gentrification surge and property prices having been following suit.

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Melbourne properties being snapped up quickly as demand soars
26 February 2020

If you are looking to buy property in Melbourne right now you’ve got to be quick because buyers are snapping them up as soon as they hit the market.

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Commonwealth Bank has slashed its mortgage loan fixed interest rates
20 February 2020

The Commonwealth Bank has axed its fixed interest rates after returning dominant home lending figures.

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