Westpac to offer $2000 rebate to attract refinancers
28 March 2019

Westpac are offering a $2000 rebate for each property to new borrowers refinancing their mortgage in a bid for more market share.

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Property downturn continues to deepen in Australia
21 March 2019

The property downturn in Australia is deepening and becoming the worst in recent history.

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FOMO's close relative, FONGO, could see a wave of property sell-offs during the property downturn
20 March 2019

Economists say the concept of ‘FONGO’ (Fear Of Not Getting Out) will see a wave of property sell-offs during this property downturn.

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Federal Government backflips on mortgage broker commissions
14 March 2019

The Federal Government has back-flipped on implementing the banking royal commission’s recommendation that commissions in the mortgage broking industry be abolished.

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New measure shows link between Australians' health and financial management
12 March 2019

The way people handle their money is having a significant impact on the health of Australians according to a new benchmark measure of financial wellbeing.

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