RBA rules out negative interest rates for Australian economy
29 November 2019

The Reserve Bank governor has essentially ruled out the possibility of Australia using negative interest rates or other unconventional policies to stimulate the economy.

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Melbourne auction clearance rates have slowed as vendors hit the market
26 November 2019

Property sales of Melbourne’s more expensive properties, which had built up some good momentum, appear to have stalled.

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Australians are building smaller houses and bigger apartments
22 November 2019

Australians are increasingly moving towards apartments, now nearly half of all homes being built according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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Brokers the channel for commercial mortgages
21 November 2019

Businesses and small-to-medium commercial enterprises come in so many shapes and sizes, the commercial loans they need to operate have to as well.

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NAB has launched a free credit check for all Australians
15 November 2019

The tool is designed to help people better understand their financial position.

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